We are obsessed with connecting our passionate audiences to your brand through the power of music and entertainment.

Wherever and whenever people want to consume music and entertainment, Global is there at scale.

Across broadcast, mobile, social and live we reach 30 million people every week.


When it comes to finding the music you love, nothing comes close to broadcast radio’s convenience and influence. In fact radio is still number 1 for discovering new music.

Its live, personality-led entertainment format is a perfect fit for our increasingly cluttered media lives.

And for audiences who want to see the action our TV channels: Heart TV and Capital TV deliver music videos and content 24/7.


We have seen a massive growth in people’s desire for unforgettable ‘real’ experiences. Alongside the incredible and iconic Jingle Bell and Summertime Balls with Capital we put on 140 + events every year. From Ed Sheeran in a Capital session studio, to managing the Vamps' European tour, or the Radio X roadshows with Noel Gallagher.

Our world-class events get our passionate fans closer to the music and entertainment that they love.


As our audiences consume more of their music and entertainment content on the move, audio is quickly becoming the format of choice for the 'busy living my life’ crowd.

From the hectic ‘looking after their kids’ crowd, to the 'morning commuters in their own world' - we can get your message between their ears.

Whether our audiences consume content on our own brands or via Dax; our mobile –led digital audio exchange and now Europe’s largest programmatic audio platform


Our brands’ role as entertainment curators mean they’ve also become a fixture in the social feeds of those 'looking for their daily content fix'. Our social strategy is built around authentic editorial, created and curated in a way that is relevant to each brand’s audience.

We are a live 24/7 business, and our presenters constantly share the content they create, interacting and getting feedback in real time.

Our Brands

How to work with us

Our Commercial Team understands that our audiences are your audience too. We know how to get them excited about your brand.

So tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll collaborate with you to make it happen.

There are 101 different communication objectives, but at Global we believe in three core routes to brand growth:


With a broadcast reach of over 30 million each week, Global’s brands and content are entwined within the very fabric of our audiences’ daily lives; its rhythms and routines.

Talk to us about how we can use this broadcast scale to deliver increased salience for your brand.


As more and more of our content is consumed on connected mobile devices, we can now reach audiences in more places and in ever more contexts.

What’s more, with the data footprint these interactions produce, we now understand our audiences better than ever.    

Talk to us about how DAX can use this data to get closer to the ‘Moments that Matter’ for your brand.


Global brands are among the most socially engaged in UK media, but it’s arguably at our 140+ events each year that we reach audiences in their highest state of engagement.

Whether it’s today’s hottest viral or a “best gig ever” selfie we all love sharing what we love. 

Talk to us about how we can produce and distribute content and experiences that will get audiences buzzing about your brand

Your Audience Awaits…